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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pink Flemingo

This is yet another freebie I got from attending Onstage Local in Sydney couple of weeks ago. If you haven't attended onstage events yet, I highly recommend it. The next one is in November 11th 2017 in Melbourne and Gold Coast in Australia. Whilst it would have been nice to attend the one in GC, I think I will stick with my home town of Melbourne.

I am just loving flamingos right about now, they seem to be everywhere I go, in home deco shops to clothing shops to even kids wear. Feel so good about getting this set for free. Here I have made just a very simple card with stamped images of leaves, water and of course the flamingo as the special feature. I didn't feel it needed much more as I want the flamingo to be the main focus. I can think many more ways I can use this special guest, this is just the first of many cards you will be seeing from me this year with this beautiful flamingo.

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