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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dragonfly Dream

I am really excited to share this project with you as I had loads of fun making this card. Too often, crafting time means 'me time' for me, hiding away in my craft room, away from the kids. But this time is also too often interrupted with voices from the kids or hubby, trying to get my attention. Do you get frustrated sometimes just when you think you thought of something clever, and suddenly, the train of thought gets interrupted and you are not able to get back to the same creative place again. Well, that happens to me sometimes. Which is why, I was really excited when I found a way to get the kids involved in the making of a card.

I saw a while ago on Pinterest on how to make your own background using bubbles. This is a perfact technique to use with kids, for I don't any kids (or grown ups for that matter) that doesn't like blowing bubbles. I got a clear tube of bubbles which I purchased from the $2 shop and I simply added a colour from the re-inker and stirred in well until the ink blended well with the soapy liquid. Hand out a piece of whisper white paper cut to size to each of my three boys, they looked puzzled at first but were more than happy to help out. I straight away noticed their face light up when they saw me blow the bubbles and instructed them to GO CATCH!!! The idea is to catch the bubbles with the paper, and when the bubble touches the paper, watch the MAGIC happen. The splatter pattern creates a lovely background, and whats really interesting is that the patterns are different each time. But what I liked most about this activity is watching my boys running after the bubbles  with the piece of paper, trying hard to catch the bubbles.  For the colour in the tube, I have used the Bermuda Bay re-inker

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