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Monday, 21 November 2016


The three amigos set off on a journey for sunny Brisbane, eager to leave behind the multiple weather personalities of Melbourne. For one of us, boarding an aeroplane seemed just as difficult and unlikely as pigs flying. But with power of 'all for one and one for all', she was able conquer her fear of flying. Well done Rose, you're awesome!!!

                                               Selfie #1

We arrived in sunny Brisbane in the afternoon on Wednesday the 2nd  of November 2016. First thing that I noticed was the warmth of the sun as we stepped out of the plane, it felt awesome. We collected all our luggage and headed down to the waiting bay to catch our shuttle to our apartment, which thanks to the lovely Carolina, was already pre-booked.
Here is second selfie of the day:

A number of ladies boarded the bus with us, and we got a sense that they were also fellow demonstrators. You could feel the excitement on the bus and everyone was in anticipation of #onstagelive2016.
We were greeted by Nicole when we arrived at our apartment, which looked really nice from the outside. I remember thinking I hope it's just as nice in the inside. We collected our keys and headed up to the 10th floor, room number 1102.  Ours was a beautiful apartment, a luxurious apartment for two.We have to give Nicole Bonar a huge thank you. She went out of her way to ensure that we were all comfortable, and coordinating with so many of us to be able to stay in one place was such an incredibly difficult task. I'm happy that your brave enough to take on this challenge, it was so worth it for me.

#Onstagelive2016: Day 1

I woke to find that the warm sunshine pearing through the window, making it really warm in the bedroom. While it felt quite late in the morning, but it was only 6.30am, and we're not expected at the conference until about noon. I was planning to ease into the day until I heard Carolina say that we are meeting up with the rest of the group for breakfast at about 9am. That didn't leave much time to get ready as planned.

Eventually, we made it downstairs, not surprising to find most of the ladies were already there, getting busy swapping with each other. I was happy that I made swaps this year, would have missed out otherwise on receiving all the cards and gifts. That would have been quite sad I think.
This was when I first met some of the beautiful ladies I have till now only saw on FB, commented on their posts or they commented on mine. And so I decided  this would be perfect moment for a group selfie, so I took just  a few :-) before walking down to have breakfast together'.

Onstagelive2016: Day 1 highlights

  • Getting there before most people and taking more group selfies
  • Getting our very own crazy crafters lanyard from Kylie
  • Checking out all the showcase samples with the new products from the occasions catalogue
  • Seeing Sarah and Shelli live onstage
  • Being in the first prize patrol group and receiving the 'Beautiful You' stamp set, was so excited
  • Seeing the occasions catalogue for the first time, OMG!! Just amazing.
  • Watching the product spotlights, got some great tips from each presentation
  • Seeing Carolina going off to her first Centrestage dinner, feeling very proud
  • A whole bunch of us going out to dinner together, minus Carolina. We went a funky Indian restaurant. Had a really nice time, started to get more interesting after Kim ordered the 'Punjabi Punch'

OnstageLive2016: day 2 highlights

  • Watching Carolina on stage receiving her recognition for and advancement to Silver Elite, another feeling proud moment.
  • Watching Kylie being mentioned and recognised in pretty much every category  there was. Such an inspirational lady!
  • The make and take workshops were great, got to play with done of the new products, that was really awesome
  • Going out to dinner with all of the Crazy Crafters. Thanks for organising Kylie, it was such an awesome night.
  • Carolina eating the spare ribs Kim ordered by mistake, the look on her face when I told her,
  • Michelle daring me to put a coloured enamel embellishment on Bruno's head, and I actually doing it. Thanks for being a good sport Bruno.
  • Taking a ride on the Brisbane wheel at 10 o'clock in the night, Carolina doing a FB live stream from with the wheel. Best of all, Rose conquering her fear of heights.

Our make and take projects from day two, loved getting my hands dirty and trying out all the new products.

Crazy Crafters dinner organised by Kylie, it was a beautiful restaurant, great atmosphere. All the ladies looked beautiful, letting their hair down, cutting loose. A few of us decided to go for a ride on the Brisbane wheel, breathtaking views of the city skyline.



Early morning breakfast with these lovelies

Final showcase of product, and Mitchelle's turn to cary out her dare, approaching a perfect stranger, placing a Bindi on his forehead and taking a selfie. Not only she actually did it, but she seemed to enjoy it as well. She was amazing, I am not sure I would be able to do it. 
An afternoon stroll to a nearby street market on Southbank

Saying our farewells, most of whom we wont see again for a while, perhaps at the next onstage event. Perhaps not even then as not everyone will be able to come next time. It was lovely to meet all of you, until next time my friends.


End of our  Bisbane adventure with a night out, selfies in front of the Brisbane sign and a rickshaw ride. what a awesome  night, and oh, not to mention tequila shots.

whilst I enjoyed spending some well deserved 'Me' time, I missed my boys terribly. It felt great to be back home. A big thanks to my babe for making it possible for me to go on this adventure and even a bigger thanks to my mother and father-laws for looking after my precious boys while was away. I am so very grateful.

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