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Monday, 28 November 2016

Birds of Peace

For this project, I had some thoughts of combining Merry Medley and Strength & prayer. This bird reminded me of a peace dove, and the Merry Medley has the phrase PEACE in it, which made it a perfect pair. 

 I wanted the bird to be embedded in the Merry Medley, instead of sitting on top. To achieve exactly that, I had to create a musk of the bird. I created the musk by stamping the bird image on a sticky note, and cutting it out.

I embossed the bird on first and then placed the musk on before stamping on the Merry Medley background over the musk. This left the bird unmarked while stamping the area surrounding the bird with the merry medley phrases.

This is how it turned out, just as I had hoped. I was quite pleased with the end result. The only other step was to sponge the edge and embellish it white twine.

 Then I couldn't stop at just one combination of colours, I was curious about a number of other colours. I think they all pretty good, can't quite decide which one I like best.


  1. Irene these are gorgeous! Such a lovely subtle way send a peaceful meessage this Christmas xx

  2. Just Beautiful Irene :) My favourite would be the last one but the others are all equally as nice x

  3. Stunning result!!!!!!!! Fab fab fab!

    1. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate you stopping by.