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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Potted Daisies

Today I am going to show you couple of home deco projects I created for a family friend of mine. I made two potted daisies as a house warming gift. I have previously created a bunch of daisies, arranged in a varse. This is a different way you can use this set and I'm sure you'll agree that they look quite real. Or at least that's what all guest comments on when they visit the house, and they are surprised to hear that it is made out of paper. They often have to feel the paper to be convinced that they are not real.

The first pot, the daisies are punched out first, no stamping required. once stamped, i used a sponge to colour the centre of the flower in purple. once coloured, I used the bone folder to curl the petals outwards. Placing two daises together to make one flower, finished it off with a white enamel dot in the middle.

With the second pot, I followed the same steps as the first with couple of differences. with these ones, I used night of navy to colour the middle, and instead of curling the petals outwards, I pressed down on the centre with the large end of the scoring tool. You will notice that the petals start to curl inwards.

I bought the pots from Kmart, the pots included the branches of green leaves. For the stems, I used florist wires, looping the top with clipper and folding upwards to create a cradle for the flour to sit on. To stick the flower to the stem, I used hot glue gun as it sticks well and dries very quick. The last step is to stick the stems into the foam base inside the pots.

Thank you for visiting my blog today, hope you have enjoyed browsing through my projects and found some inspirations. If you like what you see, please leave a comment or two below, or simply click on one of the reaction buttons to let me know what your thoughts are about my creations. I value your opinion and I am always looking to improve my craft through constructive feedback from my guests/readers. I am also looking to expand my audience base, so please feel free to share my creations within your social circle.

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