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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


I created this card a while back for a very good friend's son's birthday, some of you may know my friend Carolina Evans, but in the crafting world she is known as Studio Evans. If you are familiar with Carolina's work, you would know exactly how much pressure I felt when creating this, it needed to be great. From the Intel I was able to gather, I knew that Gabriel liked super heroes, and batman in particular. Which was perfect because SU has a superhero set just for the occasion. Not for long though, it is among the Retired stocks, only available for a short while longer, until 31st of May to be exact. You can see the complete Retired stocklist here
The original image of the super hero doesn't quite look like Batman, it looks more like Mr. Incredible I think. I had to alter the superhero image for it to look more like Batman by adding the batman mask. I was glad to discover that it wasn't an epic failure, and that I was able to achieve what I saw in my vision. This set is called "Everyday Hero".

To achieve a dense city skyline look, I used a masking technique where I stamped the first set of buildings at the bottom, placing the same city skyline mask on top of the stamped image, I stamped another set of buildings above the already stamped image. The mask enabled the buildings to sit behind without being stamped over each other. I used the same technique when creating the two spot lights in the night sky. I wanted to sponge the night sky a light grey without loosing the brightness of the spotlights. Hence the mask on top, allowing a grey skyline while maintaining the illuminating colour of the spotlights. 

All that was left to do was simply colour in the windows of the building and and add lots of stars on the skyline. I used the powder embossing technique for the golden stars.

Thanks heaps for stopping by, hope you enjoyed viewing my creations today, hope to see you back here again very soon. Please feel free comment below, I would love hear your thoughts.

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  1. This is fantastic Irene! Gabriel and Carolina will love it....I do!
    I have this set and am keeping it for my children too :)